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dude.man.phat. is experiencing technical difficulties*...

Somedays, it feels like a file cabinet has just dropped on my head. The Bobs are breathing down our throats, Momma's got a bundt cake in the oven and Papa needs a brand new pair of shoes. Actually, I've always wanted to use those phrases in the same sentence and I have finally done it.

*For reals, I'm just friggin' busy.

More to come tomorrow. Including a site redesign.

{Feedback is appreciated.}
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Posted by Blogger Lindsay on 3:46 PM

That's a really awesome picture! You know sometimes you've got to put down the blog so that you can keep up appearances at work. I mean once the paychecks stop you could find yourself in some serious trouble! :)  

Posted by Blogger EmployeeMegan on 6:56 PM

The site makes my eyes much happier.  

Posted by Blogger matt on 7:20 PM

Oh, man, looks so much better.
That header, though, takes up a good third of my screen, so I wonder if it could be shrunk down a bit.  

Posted by Anonymous Hilary on 8:54 PM

At first I thought you had switched to Wordpress like the rest of us, but I see you have Blogger comments so I'm totally confused. But either way, it's looking good!  

Posted by Blogger mance01 on 9:32 PM

Looks good...although I think it would be better if you took that picture of the ugly dog and tiled it in the background. Mainly cause everytime I see that picture I laugh so hard that I choke on my own saliva :)  

Posted by Blogger JJ on 5:09 AM

Much better look. You'll definitely get the call to write for SNL now. You might not fit in with the other writers, though, because you're funny.  

Posted by Blogger hannah on 6:21 AM


This is much more aesthetically pleasing than the puke blue-purple you called a background color before.

I, as well, have fallen victime to site redesign. Blogger templates be damned!  

Posted by Anonymous Batman on 8:11 AM

the new design makes me feel less pukey, and more warm and cozy... ahhh...
thanks J  

Posted by Anonymous lawkidd on 8:19 AM

Great new look... I agree, you should put up that eery looking dog in your banner... that would scare away the religious zealots.
Also, no Michelle Rodriguez floating in pool reference? Saw that on the sociallitelife.com....
You gots to keep that pic of the cabinet-on-head... too funny.
Is Gary Coleman still a virgin?  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 10:42 AM

You should use a font called Hollywodd Hills to do your headline graphic, so it'd be more realistic; maybe add a directional drop shadow. I like the Kubric for Blogger look, though... very nice. I was considering something very similar, myself.  

Posted by Blogger Charlie on 10:59 AM

I dig the new look.  

Posted by Blogger MichaelPop on 3:11 PM

Much, much better. This is like upgrading to an Audi from that Ford Fiesta you were haulin' before.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 10:40 AM

Here's some feedback:

1) It's BUNDT cake

2) Please never say "For reals" again.

3) Love the new look of the site  

Posted by Blogger justin on 11:04 AM

There actually is a bun cake. It's a honey bun cake. But it is a bun cake.

For reals.  

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