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joe simpson says, "get into my daughter's pants!! i wish i could!"

Finally!! Another reason for creepy Joe Simpson pickup lines that could double as funny promotional quotes:

You must be using Windex baby. 'Cause I can see my daughter's ass in your pants.

Last time I saw those jeans, they were on my daughter. But she was topless. And I was hiding. In her closet.

No one can deny that Jessica has a nice ass. She really fills her jeans out. And I should know. I do patdowns every morning.

It puts the jeans on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

If I was you, I'd wear my daughter's jeans. Hell, I'm me and I still wear them.

This could go on for-ever.
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Posted by Blogger dantobindantobin on 10:55 AM

These jeans are from space because my daughters ass is out of this world

Nice redesign. Do you call it BlogPress or Wordger?  

Posted by Blogger dantobindantobin on 10:56 AM

I wasn't being sarcastic -- I think the redesign looks sharp.  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 11:20 AM

Those jeans are throwback fugly.  

Posted by Blogger hannah on 11:32 AM

Jessica is sporting a wicked mane in that shot. I think she's a tranny.  

Posted by Anonymous stochasticgirl on 12:16 PM

Is that a mug shot in that insert??

Joe Simpson is a creep.  

Posted by Anonymous lawkidd on 1:43 PM

Those jeans are hideous... throwback is right avatar..
Tagline: The jeans that look way better on your floor, than the girlfriend you just bought them for. Just ask Joe; "My girls jeans look WAY better off" (pan from jeans on floor, past Jes/Ashlee shocked faces, to Joe with sicko wink to camera!)

For real though, J Simps is NOT attractive. Her face is sick and mishapen... she's a plastic.  

Posted by Anonymous Batman on 1:59 PM

Joe is SO jealous that Nic gets to tap his daughters ass now...  

Posted by Blogger Reagan on 2:40 PM

Joe only has godly love for Jessica, y'all.  

Posted by Blogger mance01 on 8:17 PM

"It puts the jeans on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

Somehow that took the post to a whole new level of disturbing :)  

Posted by Blogger Assistant Atlas on 1:41 PM

Have you heard the "It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin" remix by the Greenskeepers? Now, that's creepy because it's so darn catchy.  

Posted by Blogger ~~~ GhEtTo G SeNsAtIoN ~~~ on 5:39 PM

those jeans r made 4 walkin ;);) holla back  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 7:51 PM

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