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ryan cabrera entirely too busy not brushing his hair to change clothes...

Picture #1: Ryan at Teen People's Young Hollywood Party (8/13/05)
Picture #2: Ryan on MTV's TRL (Today, 8/17/03)

It's official. Ryan Cabrera has learned how to flight of the navigate.

That's the only logical explanation for this.
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Posted by Blogger Paul on 6:27 PM

First of all, great new look on the site man!

Second of all, Ryan Cabrera is a friggin wimp. Did you see him on Punk'd? God, if you haven't, check it out.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 6:27 PM

you mean, he went BACK IN TIME!?

(love the new site! super duper pretty.)  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 6:28 PM

for the RECORD, i was first to see the new site, not PAUL.  

Posted by Blogger LA on 6:34 PM

it's like he fell asleep at the teen young hollywood party and woke up today to go to TRL.
I can't imagine he smells good.  

Posted by Blogger Jenny on 10:12 PM

much better site. and ryan cabrera...um, i have no idea who this guy is. shows you how out of the loop i am. his hair is kind of out of control.  

Posted by Blogger glitch p-udding on 11:02 AM

awww...c'mon. cut the man some slack. he took off the watch!  

Posted by Anonymous bianca on 7:33 PM

u guys are so mean...ur just jealous b/c u guys are losers n can not go out n make money like him..or else u would not be on here leavin comments...man u guys are real jerks  

Posted by Blogger avrilperson101 on 1:49 PM

I would just like to say as a personal friend of Mr. Cabrera's, has it ever occurred to you that these events were on the same day? I don't know many people who change their outfit more that one in a day do you? Why don't you stop picking on the innocent and start improving your pathetic self?  

Posted by Blogger Adi on 5:22 AM

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