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At least the "Nip/Tuck" finale wasn't boring...

Okay. For those Tivo'ed it, I won't completely spoil what was essentially a pretty fun episode. Cheesy, yes. Predictable, in some aspects. But fun. A few spoiler-ish thoughts:

1) Thank God we finally figured out why Kit was the worst detective ever. She couldn't catch a cold if it introduced itself first.

2) Who else thought the tranny looked like an atrocious-looking vampire? And what was that cut around the top of her head? Very distracting...from her HIDEOUS FACE. No really. Ugly.

3) Where did freaky racist girlfriend go when her daddy started going AWOL? She just decided to go to McDonald's or something right in the middle of family peniscuttery hour. Cliffhanger #1.

4) Your penis is cut off. For some reason, you only scream bloody murder for a lil' bit. Then you have the strength to rise up from a grave like a vampire Michael Myers, swing a shovel AND shoot someone...without screaming more about your penis. Impossible. Even for a vampire. I call shenanigans.

6) He/she's a freakin tranny vampire. That's the only explanation.

7) There's nothing more hilarious than AIDS chicks trying to fool dudes into thinking they don't have AIDS for a little booty. He even thought about it for a split second. But I commend Christian for being nice and not bringing up the obvious answer, "Yeah, but aren't you a little AIDS-y?"

8) Julia has got to have a Corky in the oven. Cliffhanger #2.
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Posted by Blogger Gary Freedman on 11:25 AM

Rock on!  

Posted by Anonymous Carly on 12:05 PM

Cherry definitely looked like an extra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But... meh. Predictable. I think we were spoiled by the seasons one and two finales, making this one pale in comparison.  

Posted by Blogger Kopek on 12:44 PM

Tranny vampires do exist. Only in Miami and parts of Cuba.  

Posted by Blogger lawkiid on 12:51 PM

I miss Corky. I use to often ponder crossover fight episodes of the great 80's dramedy shows... Alex P. Keaton vs. Corky; Doogie Howser vs. Paul (from Wonder Years); toss in a little Webster vs. the Olsen twins as infants.
Whatever happened to tv that mattered...
As for Nip/Suck, I agree with Carly... she is wise.

Gary Freedman inspires me to rock on as well... so, off I got to begin the rocking on.  

Posted by Blogger the belligerent intellectual on 1:08 PM

I really couldn't stop thinking the whole time, "Who is this actor playing the tranny lost interest? And where do you go from here in life?"

And the AIDS-y comeback might be the best line in a TV show never written.  

Posted by Anonymous shawna on 2:07 PM

HEEEEEEEEY where's the dogs in hats?  

Posted by Blogger leslie on 2:47 AM

My first thought was a Corky, but with nip/tuck's logic, it might just be octuplets or something insane like that.  

Posted by Blogger MichaelPop on 9:46 AM

BEST TWO HOURS OF TELEVISION EVER! Or at the very least, the more fucking intense.

I don't think we've seen the last of Kit and Costa.

And I don't think Julia's got a corky; I think she's DYING.

Can't wait for next season!!  

Posted by Blogger Seyeko on 6:15 PM

I have this strange feeling we're being led to believe there's something wrong with the baby or Julia. Typical of the writers to leave a major cliffhanger like this, most likely returning as if there's nothing to worry about.

Please, never show Liz's sex toys ever again. ::shudder::  

Posted by Anonymous Wendy on 7:47 PM

Rolling...just rolling on & on..you are hilarious - great recap!  

Posted by Anonymous Jason on 1:43 AM

Wow! Who knew dudemanphat is a closet "Nip/Tuck" fan. I feel like I'm in Bizarro World.  

Posted by Blogger jag on 9:36 AM

I think Little Tranny Lost had a lobotomy. And did Nazi dad die or what? Hopefully Julia will be maimed in childbirth so she has to stay bed ridden forever and can stop being such a slut!

Quentin is so friggin disgusting. Yuck. He really looked bad in those swim trunks. Kit, on the other hand, was smoking in her suit.  

Posted by Blogger willam on 11:37 PM

ouch. harsh about the tranny. JAG...fyi- a lobotomy is done through the nose.
the cut at the top of the forehead is from the last surgeon (the stripmall hack) who worked on Cherry after Matt's beatdown.
p.s. i auditioned to be a ghoul character on Charmed but never Buffy. Shit. I wish one of you guys cast it. Apparently, i'd of been perfect(ly hideous that is)  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 7:54 PM

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