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A guide to the celebrity vagina...

A sample email:

Uhhhh...okay. Just so the endless emails will stop, a vagina lesson.

Now...back to the TV production dungeon.
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Posted by Blogger Mark Haslam on 7:33 PM

hmm...while i sadly must say i dont have much experience with this sort of thing, i think youre right.  

Posted by Blogger Assistant Atlas on 8:22 PM

You have earned all three today, my friend. The Dude. The Man. And the Phat.

Also, that picture is very disturbing, but I admit that when I saw a link to Eliza Dushku, I clicked. And I guess it's not that disturbing. It's just kind of shocking. Wow. Hey, Eliza Dushku just shocked me: she's totally relevant again! Yes!  

Posted by Anonymous carolinacutie on 12:18 AM

I'm pretty sure that is the bottom of her vagina and the start of her thigh. It's definitely not the top of her slit though.

Wow, I cannot believe I am discussing this.  

Posted by Anonymous lazyJ on 7:15 AM

Yeah, but it's still the bottom of her vagina!  

Posted by Blogger TheIdleReceptionist on 7:25 AM

Well, I am a woman, and as such I posess a completely scientific view on the subject. I have to say we are, indeed, looking at some area of definite, shaven "hoo-hoo."  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:06 AM

Most of it is total thigh flab.  

Posted by Anonymous shawna on 11:27 AM

there is a side of the vadge that is definitely shaved. it slopes down into weird thigh flab, yes...but still she shaved her chach for that dress, and i am happy because there is nothing grosser than bush sticking out  

Posted by Blogger TheIdleReceptionist on 2:25 PM

Ugh, I hadn't even thought of what that picture would look like with a lil undergrowth...

Sweet Lord.  

Posted by Blogger Kelditty on 6:51 PM

not that you've ever seen a vagina but yeah I do believe you are correct.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 7:25 PM

you are an idiot adn so are all the people "agreeing" with you. she most definately shaves. see the other pics of that night on every other celebrity gossip website.

are you blind?

you can even see that she shaves. i mean, i am a girl but nigga please....  

Posted by Blogger lawkiid on 8:11 AM

Anonymous attackers are hysterical....
I think we should all just agree that she's wearing a very revealing dress, and has potential to be a very average actress...  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:57 AM

Uhhhhhh...when did I ever say that she doesn't shave?  

Posted by Blogger Ace Cowboy on 7:03 AM

Thanks for the tip...remind her next time if she's gonna wear that outfit to doucheku beforehand.  

Posted by Blogger holly berry on 10:15 AM

Can I leave my comment as to say that the "vagina" is the tunnel that enters the woman's body, what we are seeing (or not seeing persay) is the outer "lips" of the female genitals with are called the Labia. And what celebrtiy shaves, don't they all wax? or get electrolosys?  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:23 PM

i am masturbating right now. thank u.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:52 PM

ok u idiot. where ur pointing is too high to be her VaJayJay area lol. dumbshit so yeah thats defiantly it!  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:01 PM

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