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Merry holiday festivities to all...

Jingle bells, y'all. And all that good stuff.

Keep it safe. Thanks for being awesome.
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Posted by Blogger Meme on 6:17 PM

ah man...i got all teary-eyed on that one.  

Posted by Blogger Paul on 3:24 PM

Me too. I went through a box of tissues on that one also. But it was one of those travel packs, not the big hunkin' big boxes.

So...not THAT sad.  

Posted by Blogger lawkiid on 7:46 AM

Happy Festivus!
To celebrate the holiday season, I have made a charitable donation to THE HUMAN FUND in your name....
I hope you and Steve are having a wonderful time...
My brother got a lil too tipsy on Christmas eve, and shaved a mohawk in my parents cat for fun... poor Mittens will never be the same...  

Posted by Blogger The Assimilated Negro on 5:00 PM

aww. I didn't even know you knew I was being awesome. You are very welcome.

dude. I haven't seen you since kindergarten. can't believe I found you after all these years ...  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 7:31 AM

Justin, your name is one letter away from rhyming with mine.  

Posted by Blogger TheIdleReceptionist on 2:17 PM

Joyous Winter Solstice!  

Posted by Blogger AJ Gentile on 8:38 PM

Happy Joy!

Is that The Grove mall pictured?

By the way, your name is not even close to rhyming with mine.  

Posted by Blogger Betty on 11:06 AM

I can't believe you didn't win for best looking blogger!  

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Posted by Blogger rehabgad1 on 5:58 AM

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